Method of Payment

Purchases made on Sole Italy ( are safe and guaranteed. Payments can be made in several ways:

Payment by bank transfer in advance
Payment by Credit Card
Payment by PayPal
Cashon delivery

Payment by bank transfer.
If paying by bank transfer the order will be 'handled only after receiving the confirmation of credit from our bank. Payment must 'be made within 7 days from the date of the order; beyond that deadline, the order will be 'automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must 'necessarily bring number and order date. The banking practice requires that the bank transfer is credited to the account of the beneficiary not before 3/5 working days from its execution. Availability 'of the product will be' assessed only at the time of 'been credited.


The bank must 'be made out to:

CIN: - ABI: - CAB: - C / C:
IBAN: IT 89 E 02008 79891 000103388251

Payment by credit card
We accept the most common credit cards, also prepaid and rechargeable, issued exclusively in Italian: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Carta Aura.
With payment by credit card we will not be 'charged any type of supplement, but only the amount of your purchase.
For all credit cards and 'need to enter the CVV2 otherwise the order is canceled. For credit cards of Visa, Mastercard and Diners CVV2 is the last 3 digits on the back of the card, while credit cards Amex code is 4 digits and is located on the front of the credit card.
Nota bene
It may happen that, after entering the data of the credit card and the CVV2, is also required, an additional code or some specific data.
This is because some banks require a precise procedure to enable the use of credit cards online. To find out how to enable credit card to shop online or to know the code to enter you need to contact your credit card company.

The order paid by credit card before being assigned to the Courier, may be submitted directly to the relevant banking institution, to a "test of authenticity" (check with which ensures the actual ownership of the credit card).
In case it activated a "test of authenticity" the customer will be notified by Italy Sole e-mail.
This check requires an average of:
• 24 hours for orders placed with credit card Visa and Mastercard;
• 2 Days for orders made by credit card circuit Amex and Diners worth more than € 400.00.
May be obtained from the customer additional information or sending copies of documents showing ownership 'of the paper used. In the event that information or copies of documents are not provided, Italian Consortium Coarca Sun reserves the right 'to terminate the contract of sale.
If the bank communicated to Sun Italy any irregularities on the credit card used, Sole Italy will proceed 'with the cancellation of the order by notifying contextual email.
In case of cancellation by both the customer that by Sole Italy, will be 'we requested the cancellation of the transaction and the transfer of the amount committed. The timing of release of the sums depend exclusively on the banking system. Once the cancellation of the transaction Sole Italy can not 'in any way be held responsible for delays and / or damage caused by the banking system.
At no time during the purchase process by credit Sole Italy and 'able to know personal information about the holder of the credit card used, as managed by the bank through a secure system. Therefore Sole Italy can not 'be held responsible for any fraudulent use of credit cards used by a third party upon payment of products purchased on its site.

Payment by PayPal
PayPal is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account with Paypal.
By choosing this mode, after selecting the mode 'PayPal payment, you are redirected to a page of our website where you can enter e-mail address and password of the Paypal account to make the payment of the order.
For every transaction made with this method is sent an e-mail confirmation from PayPal.
The order amount is debited from your PayPal account at the time of order.
In case of cancellation or non-acceptance of the same by Sole Italy, the amount is refunded to customer's PayPal account. Sole Italy will not be 'in no way responsible for delays and / or damage caused by Paypal during repayment.
We accept payment only by registered users on the site PayPal Italian.
The financial data of the customer will not be visible in any way from the Sun Italy but will be handled directly by PayPal.

Cash on delivery
By choosing this mode, the payment is made to the courier upon delivery of the purchased product: the amount of the product and of the possible shipment must be added 4 Euros as a contribution to the payment on delivery.
Payment must 'be made only with banknotes or coins directly to the carrier. They accept only exact amounts corresponding to the amount of the order: not 'be returned the rest.
They will not accept bank drafts or bank.
Pursuant to and by effect of art. 12 of Decree Law December 6, 2011 n. 201, cash payments will be accepted within the threshold of EUR 999.99. In any case the maximum amount provided for payment in cash is 500 Euros.